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About Us

Fresh Produce Group Ltd is specialized in import and export of fresh fruit and vegetables and exists almost 30 years, Fresh Produce Group is in no way affiliated to any other company in the sector. We are one of the few remaining independent importer of vegetables and fruit in Yorkshire, UK which gives us operating on the European and UK market.


Operating on the European market, Fresh Produce Group serves its customers from a fully temperature-controlled warehouse based in the Leeds, UK. Fresh Produce Group had these premises, consisting of more than 4,250m2 of warehouse space, built entirely new, under its own management, in 1999. Located at the heart of Leeds.


The move to the new distribution centre offered considerable space for growth, but this quickly proved to be insufficient. Already by 2004, a start had to be made on the construction of phase two, in order to continue to have enough space available for the future. This second phase was completed and commissioned in 2005, creating a fully temperature-controlled distribution centre of more than 9,000 m2 and even an in-house workshop for the vehicle fleet.


Fresh Produce Group kept growing and with this also the need for more working space. In 2012 the third phase was ready and now Fresh Produce Group has a distribution centre of over 15,000 m2 with 40 loading docks.

The offices, which in total cover a surface area of 1,850 m2, have been built strategically above the docks, offering an excellent view of operations and making optimum use of space.