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All products are transported to our distribution centre in Leeds, UK with the greatest possible care, immediately following harvest. Naturally, all this work is carried out exclusively with temperature-controlled transport vehicles.


The complete distribution of Fresh Produce Group is temperature controlled. Next to this we have a number of cold stores with different temperatures settings. In this way all the products are kept at all times under the right conditions when they are passing our distribution center. Obviously, all cooling cells are continuously electronically monitored, for correct functioning.


After very stringent access inspections for quality, the goods are released for processing or order picking, and leave the distribution centre as quickly as possible, on the same day they arrive. This complete logistic process takes just a few hours.

Order picking is carried out entirely in temperature-controlled areas, so temperature differences are kept as small as possible for an optimum quality. For transhipment work, Fresh Produce Group uses electrical pallet lifters and forklift trucks. As a consequence, no harmful substances are emitted into the warehouse area; an ideal situation for both staff and products.